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& Invasive Species Control-

Starry Stonewart on Dewart Photo

2020 Starry Stonewart Survey & Treatment location

Indiana Watershed Webinar Series

Mute Swan Report
A Balanced Summary Report Completed by the DLPA Mute Swan Committee 09/09/13

DNR Approved No-Wake Zone

New Site!
Kosciusko County Lakes & Streams Water Quality
as monitored by Grace College

Indiana Clean Lakes:
IU School of Public and Environmental Management

Koscuisko County Endangered Species List:
IDNR Endangered Species List

One of the most invasive and threatening species of aquatic plants is

Zebra Mussels

Purple Loosestrife

Common Invasive Species

Nuisance Wild Life
(geese, etc.)

Help Prevent Mosquito Borne Illnesses
  & Clean Up the Neighborhood by
Recycling  Old Waste Tires and other items at the-

Kosciusko County Solid Waste Facility

Learn about Septic Systems from this YouTube Video:
Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

Lake Studies-

2021 Aquatic Weed Control Summary

2020 Aquatic Weed Survey

Enviroscience Weevil Report 2015

Enviroscience Weevil Report 2014

Enviroscience Weevil Report 2013

March 2010 Aquatic Weed Update
(Please note, the above link is approximately 15.4 Megabytes in length & 
a copy on CD-Rom can be obtained by contacting Ken Brehob, Ph.D of the Watershed Committee)

Aquatic Weed Update supporting documents
(Excel files)
5 Year Follow Up to Aquatic Vegitation

Spreadsheet of Observed Vegitation

2008 Summary findings of JF New Study

In Lake & Watershed Recommendations
Slides #9 & #10 from ppt.

Diagnostic Survey
Download 9.14MB
(9.14 Megabytes! May 2005

Aquatic Weed Control Study
(Please note, the above link is approximately 189 pages & 38.1 Megabytes in length & 
a copy on CD-Rom can be obtained by contacting Ken Brehob, Ph.D of the Watershed Committee) 

L.A.R.E = Lake And River Enhancement
a Department of Natural Resources site 
    Dewart Lake Lare Grant, direct link to comparative LARE costs. 

Aquatic Weed Control Company
a link to the Corporation that works to provide services in compliance with L.A.R.E projects 

 Turtle Studies Conducted on Dewart
(special thanks to John B. Iverson, Ph.D)

Activity Patterns of Several Turtle Species

Changes in a Turtle Community
(Long Term Study)

Musk Turtles
(Long Term Study)

2008  Turtle Study & Interview with John Iverson
by Junior reporters Jack Horn & Rachael Stone

  Research Stressed & Endangered
Turtle Populations at EMYSystems

Permit Links-

IDNR Dredging & Seawalls

IDEM Permits
Indiana Department of Environmental Management

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 
(Dewart Lake is in the USACE Detroit District) 

Geographical & Legal Information-

Legal Lake Levels (DNR)

Control Structures-

Lake Dam (Wier)-
    (Hammond Ditch Outlet)
Slides #21, 22, & 23 from ppt.

Projects funded by DNR / LARE 
including weeds and dam work 

Power Point Synopsis as Presented
At the August 2007 Breakfast

(15.8 Megabytes!)

Lake Boating Law as it applies to Dewart Lake-

Best Lakeside Practices

Indiana Boating Handbook

Top 10 Most Violated Boating Laws

2008 Indiana Fishing Guide

Useful Links for Residents & Members-

2015 Northern Indiana Lakes Festival

Lane Map

Lake Depth Map 

Water Testing

A Brief History
of Dewart Lake

Remember When?
(1965 Low Lake Level)

Friends Church


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