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Based on the Aug. 11, 2007 Public Meeting, a smaller South Shore No-Wake Zone was developed.  A permit registering the No-Wake Zone buoys and their location has been filed with, and approved by the DNR.  Ten U.S. Coast Guard Approved Buoys were supplied by the DNR and have been deployed. The buoys mark the shallow, ecologically sensitive area shown on the map below.  The buoys are placed along the reed and shallow water line where ski boats normally do not enter.  The buoys were placed so as not to restrict skiers from their normal turns and routes, including the sometimes used route south of the island.

The area inside the buoys will be a voluntary no wake zone/saftey zone for the next few years.  This is not a legal zone, therefore the DNR is not enforcing this zone.  The sign at the public access will be modified to show this zone.  

The DLPA is requesting that lake users comment on the buoy location.  The buoys are numbered on their tops.  This shoreline is one of the last natural shorelines on the lake.  The DLPA is attempting to protect this shallow natural shoreline.  Contact Ken at (574) 658-3636 with questions.

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