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(Summer  & Fall 2007)

Diagnostic Study  This 120 page lake study was completed in January of 2005. Public meetings were held to discuss the findings. This document provides a lake "baseline" and is required by the DNR for funding of future lake enhancement projects. Funding from a LARE Grant the DLPA submitted in 2003. Total cost of project $35,000. DLPA share was $3500.

 Weeds   A lake wide DNR coordinated weed treatment began in the summer of 2006. The program was successful in removing all of the Eurasian Watermilfoil greatly improving the lake. Funding was from a LARE Grant the DLPA submitted in 2004. Total cost of project was approximately $80,000. DLPA share of total cost was about $10,000.

Erosion Control-North Shore  DLPA has received a LARE Grant to control the erosion and sediment that enters the lake from the ravines on the north shore. Preliminary $30,000 "feasibility and design" study has been completed. A LARE grant for approximately $40,000 has been approved to work on three of the ravines late this year or early next year. The DLPA will resubmit a grant proposal next year to fund construction work on additional ravines. DLPA share will be 10-20%.

Outlet Dam Upgrade and Beavers  The DLPA coordinated the removal of the beavers at outlet dam during the winter of 2005.  A dam upgrade (beaver dam removal, fill, and stone beaver deterrents) was completed in the fall of 2006.  The cost of the project was about $20,000 which was totally funded by the DNR .

 Water Testing  The DLPA tested for e-coli bacteria again this summer. No problem areas were found. This ongoing project (more than 20 years) is completely funded by the DLPA and is getting more expensive as lab costs increase. 

 South Shore No-Wake Zone   The DLPA is in final stages of developing a No-Wake Zone in part of the shallow water on the south shore to reduce shoreline erosion and bottom sediment disturbance. Public meetings will occur before any final decisions are made. The 2005 Diagnostic Study recommended that the DLPA manage boating activities on the lake to reduce shoreline and bottom erosion.

Lake Enhancement Projects  funded by the DNR and DLPA

Project-Year                                                                   DNR $  DLPA$           

Comprehensive Lake Diagnostic Study-2005      $35,000   $3,500

Eurasian Mil Foil (Weed) Removal -2006             $80,000   $8,000

Outlet Dam Upgrade-2005                                 $20,000       0

North Shore Ravine Erosion Control-2006-8          $70,000   $10,000

Lake wide E-Coli Testing- 1970s to Present         0              $4,000


South Shore Protection Zone-2008                       unknown

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