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Online Donations and Contributions

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Please specify the amount and the fund you prefer from the following established funds:
        1. General Fund (funds directed by Directors and Members at monthly and annual meetings)

        2. Invasive Species Control: (i.e. Milfoil, Zebra Muscles, etc.)
        3. Watershed Fund (for erosion control, shoreline protection including shallow and wetland areas)
        4. Fish Stocking Fund (Stocking of species including game fish or recommended replenishment as directed and allowed by the DNR)

Or split your donation between funds, p
er your instructions.
(Paypal has different fee schedules for services (i.e. Membership payments) compared to donations.)

Please add 2.89% + $0.49 Paypal fee for donations, per transaction, if you would like to contribute a round number. 
For example, donating $100?  Please multiply by 1.0289 (1.0289 x 100 = $102.89) and add another $0.49 ($102.89 + $0.49) for a total of $103.38 for a gift of $100 to the DLPA!